Authors : A Collective Project

Agnès Bourgeois : Director and actress. She studied at the « École supérieure d’art dramatique du Théatre National de Strasbourg ». She worked with many directors of which, Matthias Langhoff, Bernard Sobel, among others. She founded the company, « Terrain de Jeu » in 1999 with collaborators whom she has worked with ever since.

Laurence Forbin : Costume designer. She studied Litterature, fine arts at the « Beaux Arts » in Paris, and scenography at « l’École de la rue Blanche ». She designed costumes for the Paris Opera with Robert Cantarella, Daniel Mesguich, Jacques Nichet, Geneviève de Kermabon, among others. In parallel, she is pursuing her carreer as an artist. She has collaborated on every project produced by the company.

Didier Payen: Scenographer. He studied at « l’École supérieure supérieure d’art dramatique du Théâtre National de Strasbourg (TNS) ». He works for the theater, the opera and for dance in Belgium, Switzerland and France, with, among others, Philippe Siireuil, Lukas Hemleb, Michel Delval, Nicolas Rossier, Patrick Bonté, Agnès Bourgeois. He has collaborated on every project produced by the company.

Fred Costa : Musician. He studied at the « Beaux Arts » and the « École Nationale Supérieure des Arts décoratifs » in Paris. He chose music and started playing the saxophone at age 24. He composes and performs music for the theater and for dance for Odile Duboc, Daniel Buren, Muriel Bloch, Satchie Noro and Agnès Bourgeois, among others.

Frédéric Minière : Musician and actor. Composer and instumentalist, he composes and performs pieces for the theater and for dance, with Odile Duboc, Daniel Buren, Maurice Bénichou, Jacques Rebotier, Jacques Vincey, Agnès Bourgeois, among others. He is a member of the band « Les Trois 8 » with Fred Costa and Alexandre Meyer.

Corinne Fischer : Actress. She studied at Sarah Lawrence College, NY and at the «  Ateliers Antoine Vitez, Chaillot » in Paris. She worked with Wilford Leach, Wallace Shawn, Benno Besson, Matthias Langhoff, Jean-François Sivadier, among others, and Agnès Bourgeois from the very biginning of her company.

Xavier Xapla : Actor. His carreer is atypical. He works in national theaters as well as in streets, bars, circuses, schools, appartments and firms. He worked for the theater with Cendre Chassanne, Jacques Kraemer, Arlette Téphany, Vincent Dussart, Godefroy Segal,Julien Téphany, Agnès Bourgeois, among others. For television he worked with Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe, Francis Duquet, Alex Laurent and for the cinema with Adam Brooks, Lucie Duchêne and Antarès Bassis. He also works as a voice actor on radio broadcasts by «  Radio France » and « Arte Radio ».

Guillaume Laîné : Actor and accordionist. He studied theater at the « École de la rue Blanche » and accordion at the CNR of Aubervilliers. As an actor, he worked with, among others, Aurélien Recoing, Philippe Berling, Agnès Bourgeois and with chorégraphers, Pedro Pauwels, Laura Simi, Damiano Foa. He has composed music for many shows.

Muranyi Kovacs : Actress. She studied in Marseille, and in Paris at the « École de la Rue Blanche ». She worked with André Steiger, Sébastien Lalanne, Stéphane Meldegg, Jean Bouchaud, Sylvain Creuzevault, Pippo Delbono, among others. She also works regularly for cinema and television with M. Sibra, P.Bouchitey, G. Vergez, R. Feret, H.P Korchia, M. Bluwal, C. De la Rochefoucault, S. Astier, O.Barma.She has accompanied Terrain de Jeu from the start.

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